Terri’s Treasury

Hello Everyone! 

The UTLA Chair meeting today was very informative.

  • 1. Negotiations are ongoing everyday until contract approval.
  • 2. Once contract has been agreed upon by negotiations team of 30 people, UTLA members will vote by Chapter Chair submitting votes using the “Attendance App.” If approved we will go to work the following day.
  • 3. Meanwhile, we were given possible strike actions for Tues.-Fri. JIC 
  • 4. Buetner was upset and surprised when attendance went below 4O% and that’s what’s keeping him motivated at the bargaining table.
  • 5. However, it is not legal for us to tell them to stay home. Instead, we can invite parents 7and students to join our picket line.
  • 6. “Confidentiality agreement” protects us from Buetner using media to spew his lies! It will stay in place until negotiations are complete. Until later, have a beautiful 3 day weekend!