Teacher Tales

After the votes were counted, many expressed their thoughts and feelings about the tentative agreement. Many were upset. Many were happy and hopeful. Regardless of what you think about the contract, one of the “gifts” of this strike is not the new contract, not the raise, not the lowered class size and more services. Its the joy of coming back to see their students. We did this for the students.

We may have been portrayed as “greedy” by the superintendent characterizing us as overpaid. I think many parents did not believe that because parents really see these “overpaid” teachers driving 19-year-old Toyota corollas; that these teachers are using their own “inflated” salary to buy school supplies to students who can not afford to have them; and that these “overpaid” teachers would rather stay in school to prepare for the following day cleaning the classroom, writing the lesson plan, checking student work knowing full well that those million extra hours are not paid!

The best gift we ever got from this strike is we saw the parent support to teachers! When we came to school, the children were very eager to see us back!

as seen at Woodlake Elementary

found this on Facebook:

LAUSD, after a week without teachers, forgot how to spell…

from www.urbandictionary.com (Garcia’d as of the time of the upload has not been defined yet. Any takers?)

Dear God,

If you support our teachers, could you give us some kind of sign? Around here, everyone is wearing red. Maybe….you know…like….turn the moon red or something?

Thanks much,

Went to Target and thanked every employee for wearing red in support of the teacher strike!