Math Talks

Math Talks, Problem Strings, Number Talks


Number Talks is one of the district math initiatives. It may be difficult at first but when done daily and consistently, will hopefully help students with mental math strategies, talk and share these strategies, and eventually use these strategies. This is included in the First 10 Days posted in the LAUSD Math site ( Videos of teachers using Number Talks and Problem Strings can be found in the Blended Learning (

From the training slides:

Number Talks:

  • Designed as a guided mini-lesson
  • Use mental math strategies
  • Designed to be at the start of a math lesson
  • 10-15 minute activity, daily
  • Whole group and small group to differentiate instruction
  • Activities developed to support computations based on number relationships
  • Created by the teacher before classroom facilitation

Here are some resources shared by another facilitator Robert Hitlin. I just received these so I have not really sorted these out.


Number Talks: Helping Children Build Mental Math and Computation Strategies, Grades K 5, Updated with Common Core Connections by Sherry Parrish


Minilessons for Extending Addition and Subtraction: A Yearlong Resource by Willem Uttenbogaard, Catherine Twomey Fosnot, Kara Imm

MinilessonsEarlyAddSub    MInilessonAddSubExt

MInilessonsEarlyMultDiv    MInileswsonsExtMultDiv


Classroom Discussions In Math: A Teacher’s Guide for Using Talk Moves to Support the Common Core and More, Grades K-6: A Multimedia Professional Learning Resource, 3rd Edition 

by Suzanne H. Chapin, Catherine O’Connor, Nancy Canavan Anderson


Intentional Talk: How to Structure and Lead Productive Mathematical Discussions by Elham Kazemi and Allison Hintz


Number Sense Routines: Building Numerical Literacy Every Day in Grades K-3 by Jessica F. Shumway