Daily Schedule

The following daily schedule may change depending on what suits my students’ needs and how other schedules (e.g. other grade level classrooms, student’s service schedules) affect our schedule.

Please note that the headings are in color. To help with organization, students are given colored folders and notebooks that match the colors of these headings and curricular areas. For example, during Reading and Language Arts time block, students have to take out their purple folders and notebooks. Any handouts given during that time should be in the folder for that time. Their textbooks also have colors similar to these colors. Even the sentence frames to be used for that time are also of matching color.

During class, I will always refer to our visual schedule posted on the whiteboard. This schedule has the following:

  • the order of the lessons
  • the standards addressed in the lessons
  • the image / picture of the books (textbooks and workbooks) being used and their page numbers
  • seatwork and homework associated with the lesson for the day
  • vocabulary that students need to learn for that lesson

There is a marker ( a magnetic school bus) that is constantly being moved to alert students where the lessons are. (see picture below)

There are also sentence starters or sentence frames to help students in expressing themselves using complete sentences. Students are encouraged to use these only if they have difficulties. The goal is to make students speak in complete sentences and with supporting details. These sentence starters can also be used during collaborative work.

8:00                Morning Routine and PE

  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Pledge of Allegiance, Student Pledge
  • Word Fluency

8:20                English Language Arts

            TReasures3A Treasures3B Treasures4 Treasures5

online access: California Treasures online Access (usernames and passwords needed)

iPad to use accessing the site

  •                     puffin_app

iPad app for uploading student work in their portfolio

  •                     seeSaw

10:25              Recess


10:45              English Language Arts

             TReasures3A Treasures3B Treasures4 Treasures5

10:50              Math

             .MyMath_Grade3  MyMath_Grade4  MyMath_Grade5

online access: MyMath online access (username and password needed)

MyMath app:

  • Number and Problem Strings
  • Lesson of the Day
  • Word Problem of the Day

iPad app for uploading student work in their portfolio

  •                      seeSaw

11:50              Independent Work / Collaborative Work

  • Reading
    • Reading Fluency
      • Word Fluency
      • Phrase Fluency
      • Text Fluency
    • Independent Reading and Accelerated Reading (AR)
    • iPad apps for the Day
    • RAZ_kids_app    AR+app    Spelling_City_App
  • Writing
    • Word
      • Spelling
      • Vocabulary
    • Sentence
    • Paragraph
    • iPad apps for the Day
  • Math
    • Numbers Fluency practice
    • Review of Problem Solving Strategies
    • iPad apps for the Day
    • addition!!    subtraction!!
    • multiplication    DivisionApp
    • NumberBondBlasters    chickenCoop

iPad app for uploading student work in their portfolio

  •                      seeSaw


online access: http://thesocialexpress.com/

  •                     Teachtown

online access: http://web.teachtown.com/


12:30             Lunch


1:10               Science


online access: FOSS web access (class log in and password required)

iPad app for uploading student work in their portfolio

  •                      seeSaw

                         Social Studies

                               OurCommunities  OurCalifornia  OurNation

online access: Social Studies (Our Communities, Our California, Our Nation) (username and password required)

iPad app:

  •                     Pearson_Etext_app
  • iPad app for uploading student work in their portfolio
    •                      seeSaw


 health.indd  health.indd  health.indd      .



iPad app for uploading student work in their portfolio

  •                      seeSaw



2:24                Dismissal