English Language Development (ELD)



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      • K-12 Universal Access / SDAIE Lesson Design Template (PDF file: click to download)
      • LAUSD Language Acquisition: The CA Treasures ELD program provides an outline for the ELD Unit Writing in the Unit Opener and an Oral Presentation based on the writing in the Unit Closer. The program as written does not include the pacing of the ELD Unit Writing within each unit planner, nor does it provide oral language supports.  In response to the need for support from the field, the Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department developed ELD unit writing lessons for grades 1-6.
         The ELD unit writing lessons enhance the CA Treasures ELD program by providing:
        1)      differentiated oral language practice
        2)      development of language needed to write in the genre
        3)      a framework for pacing the writing lessons within the unit
        4)      an ELD assessment opportunity